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Fuck my life v2

Started by Xaeq, September 30, 2008, 11:21:23 AM

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Well, that was exhausting!

After a few good weeks of farming old BC poo poo content, we're going to put a hold
to raids until patch 3.0 and after that week we'll be the old casual encounter until WoTLK.
For those Lunatic hopefuls, when Wrath rolls around we plan on hitting it quite a bit harder
than we hit BC. We didn't get started in BC until halfway through it and with the fresh
start of Wrath we believe we have the opportunity to really be competitive on this server.

If you're interested in joining a winning team and a fun guild, put in an app. At this point, it
is pretty safe to say that gear doesn't matter though experience will go a long way.