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Fuck my life
« on: September 19, 2008, 03:35:43 am »
LUNACY RAIDS AGAIN! STOP THE PRESSES! Or start them or whatever you do when there's big news...

Anyway, summer break is over. We decided we'd get back into it and do a little raiding since this game is
boring as hell without it (with it too but not as much!). We brought in some new folks, they proved they have ears
and with our raids being 60% new folks some of which have never seen T6 we managed to clear out Hyjal pretty
quickly and do pretty well in BT so far.

Why did we decide to start raiding again? Well, we found an anomaly in the game and it was something that was
quite possibly more motivational, more astounding, more unbelievably exciting and amazing than anything this world
has ever known before. It was a priest. A GNOME priest!!!

Sure, you don't believe me why would you. It's true though, Lunacy is the home of the world's only gnomish priest.