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Void Reaver Dismembered

Started by Xaeq, September 11, 2007, 01:29:12 PM

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Yea. Void Reaver dismembered. Everyone says dismantled and by God, we will not be sheep (even if Darious disagrees)!

Took us a while to get back up to speed and start looking at progression again, but here we are. First raid week in The Eye in 3 months and got ourselves some t5 shoulders. Shamans need t5 shoulders right? Yeah? Well what do you know, we can get you a pair!

Here's the splendor:

Grats to Gwydyon on [wowitem]Mantle of Tirisfal[/wowitem] and Rolf for [wowitem]Rift Stalker Mantle[/wowitem] the guild's first t5!
Also, to Eldamar on the [wowitem]Cowl of the Grand Engineer[/wowitem].

P.S. We need shamans.