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« on: August 02, 2008, 06:22:26 pm »
Well summer is still going strong but August is already upon us and September is right around the corner. We're
going to reopen recruiting as of today.

We all enjoyed the break and we're excited to get our game faces on and get back into raid mode. If you want
to join the team drop us an app on the link to the left. All classes/specs are open right now and once we solidify
the roster we'll kick off and get this ship sailing!

Raid times will include Tuesday through Thursday (8-12) and right now we're kind of tossing up whether we'll use Sunday
or Monday. Our goal going forward is to gear up for Wrath and get a solid team of raiders that are excited about hitting
the new expansion full force. At this point, gear is very secondary to skill and attentiveness. Being knowledgeable of
your class and being quick to adapt to new encounters and roles will solidify your place in the guild so worry about
your game and we'll worry about getting you outfitted. If, on the other hand, you are full T6 and you blow donkey
balls we'll take you for the raid it takes to figure that out and then...adios.