Author Topic: Where be'em das updates?  (Read 2841 times)

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Where be'em das updates?
« on: February 21, 2008, 01:37:38 pm »
K so its been a while and I've been lazy. It's not like you've been following our progress night and day! (or have you?) I do so
like to keep people up to date and informed though, so regardless of you stalking our every move (you freak) or not I'll post an

First, I want to mention we're in the market for a shadow priest, a warlock, and 900 resto shamans. If you can chain heal I swear
you don't even need to app I'll tag you on the spot! Just send in an app and give us time to read it. Again, we raid 8pm to midnight
server time, Monday - Thursday.

As for what we've been doing, last night we killed this dude...kind of an easier fight than we were expecting I think, we just haven't
had any real time to work on him due to backflagging and catching up on RL time (??) with our sweethearts on valentines day and
some other such nonsense.

Grats a couple noob Huntards on our first T6 tokens and Wyt on her neat leather healing BP

Our BT progress has landed us at this guy and we killed him pretty quickly cause he's a joke unless some noob gets ghosted. I didn't
like his corpse so you can't see it very well (blame the bears) but you can see his name if you look closely...its like the where's waldo
game! Race you to find it!

Grats somebody on something.

He is preceeded by this dude who is much fun times:

Aaaand /drumroll, I was actually able to find a screenshot of our first two kills in BT so I can have a nice and full complete update JUST
like I promised! Hooray me!

As you can see, we leashed them to Azgalor's room to bypass the whelplings.
Grats people on stuff.
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