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« on: January 11, 2008, 03:32:50 pm »
So this week we finally went back to TK and it was wonderful. Kael'Thas
is a fun fight and fun to learn, regardless of those times where you want
to punch people's necks off because they forget Thaladred is not kiting them,
they are kiting him. Even still, as the great Winston Kwazee once said,

It's Miller Time.

That's not even the big news...after Kael we went and killed guess who?
Yeah, thats right...

We're headed to Hyjal, how glorious. Speaking of glorious, if your name is
Shadow Priest or Rogue you should app.

Grats Burk and Kwaz on their new shiny BP's, Barraki, Ace, and Okuni on their
other first kael lewts.

...Oh who did we kill after Kael? Were you waiting in suspense this whole time?!
Good, I'll tell you, but keep it a secret. We killed Lurker
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