Author Topic: Hydross dried out and Karathress downed  (Read 2473 times)

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Hydross dried out and Karathress downed
« on: October 16, 2007, 01:04:11 pm »
Hard to fathom isn't it. Well, we did finally get the NR set for a hydross tank built (big thanks to
Lost, Dred, and Seilena for this) which shows that though slackers we may be, we're still capable
of doing our work (or something like that). So, first night of attempts at Hydross and we drop
him. Difficult to figure out what to do at that point though. Yet again, we were torn between heading
over to Hyjal to destroy Archimonde or continuing to something else in SSC. Frankly, I wanted to go
see Hyjal and I'm pretty annoyed we stayed, but the powers that be decided that one noob and his
arguement "Hey, none of us are keyed" was somehow smarter or more informed than me. I
think its total BS.

So, we figured if we were staying we may as well stop fishing and head over to Fathom-Lord
Karathress to try to get a handle on that fight. Well, Karathress being the huge panzy that
he is, decided he didn't want us to get a handle on the fight. He FD'd and gave us all the loot
he was holding. Next time we'll get a handle on you, Inspe--Fathom-Lord Karathress. Next time!

No I'm kidding we killed him too.

Grats Kwazee on his lovely new [wowitem]Brighthelm of Justice[/wowitem], Boski on
his [wowitem]Boots of the Shifting Nightmare[/wowitem], and Tathar on some
[wowitem]Shoulderpads of the Stranger[/wowitem] haha, the stranger. Get it? Err, anyway...

Grats Tiron and Gwydyon on their new t5 legs which I'm too lazy to look up and put
links to, and Crysaniah on her [wowitem]Soul-Strider Boots[/wowitem].

Oh did you guys like the new theme to the pictures? It represents our new more
serious attitude. We're saying "Hey, we're serious, and SSC is serious bizness." That
or Tathar clicked the wrong button, it did only take him like 14 hours this time.
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