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Solarian bites the (Arcane) Dust

Started by Xaeq, October 09, 2007, 11:27:51 AM

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Grandizer was supposed to post this to spare you something cheesy and if not for the flu it might have been necessary. But, being sick and all,
I won't put the time into posting stupid cliches. It wasn't just me either, we all have the flu. Collectively, we can barely get out of bed which makes
killing Solarian all the more impressive whether she's been gimped or not! Amirite? Ok, anways...

[wowitem]Wand of the Forgotten Star[/wowitem] went to Zagratt, Liandrin got some [wowitem]Vambraces of Ending[/wowitem] and I stole that bitch's Sapphire.