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Started by Xaeq, September 29, 2007, 02:48:44 PM

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Since I normally get yelled at for not posting updates I decided it might be impertinent to not post something saying we killed The Lurker Below on Sept. 27, 2007.
Also, Tathar spent 17 hours touching up this photo with beautiful, snazzy effects. I'm amazed at his talent, personally, and wish all our pictures
were like this. I hope next picture is full of guild members frolicking over rainbows and dancing with sunshine.

Anyways, yeah he's dead and we'll be moving on to something else. Either Illidan or another SSC boss its tough to decide. At any rate here's the shot:

Hey its almost like you've punched a hole in the forums to see what we're up to!! Grats Tiron on [wowitem]Cord of Screaming Terrors[/wowitem],
Ace on [wowitem]Choker of Animalistic Fury[/wowitem], and me on some [wowitem]Bracers of Eradication[/wowitem]