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Tide's Out

Started by Xaeq, October 02, 2007, 03:44:44 AM

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Morogrim Tidewalker has washed out. Morogrim is looking rather grim. Tidewalker walks no more. I want to say I could
keep going but at this exact moment no more cliches are coming to mind. I will say that I think we did pretty good
considering we went to him Thursday after our first Lurker kill and wiped in like .3 seconds real quick for fun before repops.
That being the extent of our prep and going in tonight and 1 shotting him was sweet justice.

I'm lying it took us 4 tries, we suck and I quit wow. Actually, I should stop being so morose, ill surge past this episode and
the next update will bring tidings of joy and we'll walk with our heads held high tide.

Is Tathar amazing at graphical editing or is he amazing at graphical editing?! Grats Kaeral on [wowitem]Razor-Scale Battlecloak[/wowitem],
Crysaniah on [wowitem]Luminescent Rod of the Naaru[/wowitem], and last but not least our new friend Barraki on his [wowitem]Serpent-Coil Braid[/wowitem]